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The implementation of Packaging System for Saxon,and more generally the standard on-disk repository manager.


  • Adapt to the latest draft.

Setup project

The projects in the Packaging System Subversion repository are Netbeans projects. There is the project pkg-saxon dedicated to supporting the Packaging System on Saxon, and the project pkg-repo, which provides Java support for on-disk repositories. It is then used by the former project, but is not dedicated to Saxon itself.

The project pkg-repo has the following dependencies:

  • a Java library named apache-commons-xml-resolver-1.2
  • a Java platform named JDK_1.6

The project pkg-saxon has the following dependencies:

  • a Java library named apache-commons-xml-resolver-1.2
  • a Java library named saxon-he
  • a Java platform named JDK_1.6

Ensure you have the correct Java platform by having a look in Tools -> Java Platforms. If the correct platform does not exist, click Add Platform..., and select the correct Java home directory on your system (the one containing the bin subdirectory), then Next >, then be sure to set the correct name, then Finish.

To create the libraries, go to Tools -> Libraries, click New Library... and type in the library name: apache-commons-xml-resolver-1.2. Add the JAR file resolver.jar, from the package XML Commons Resolver Version 1.2 downloadable from this webpage. Do the same thing to create the library saxon-he and the JAR saxon9he.jar from the latest Saxon-HE archive downloadable from this webpage.

Then just open both projects: File -> Open Project and select the project directory, [trunk-dir]/repo/pkg-repo/ (resp. [trunk-dir]/saxon/pkg-saxon/).

The project pkg-saxon is a bit special, as it supports several versions of Saxon (from 8.8 to 9.2). Some classes are dedicated to a specific version, so the build process needs 5 specific JAR files. Download Saxon B 8.8, 8.9, 9.0 and 9.1, and Saxon HE 9.2. Then add the following lines to [trunk-dir]/saxon/pkg-saxon/nbproject/private/ (adapt the paths, of course):

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