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CXAN is a global repository, gathering all existing open source XML libraries and applications. It is not strictly part of EXPath, but it builds on top of the packaging system. By "XML libraries and applications", we mean libraries and applications written in XPath, XQuery, XSLT, XProc and other core XML technologies (as opposed to libraries in say, Java, that help handling XML document in other languages; extension functions provided through the use of other languages are ligitimate though).

For now the CXAN system is under specification. The website contains a temporary directory of known packages, so they can be manually browsed and installed. It is temporary because we want to think very carefuly about dependency management before building a pletora of tools on top of it. Indeed, it is expected that most processors supporting the packaging system will support CXAN somehow, in order to ease library management and updating on their system.

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